Lifelong learning classes and resources for adults 

What have you always wanted to know? It’s never too late to learn something new. Explore university-curated resources, perfect for lifelong learners with an insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

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Make your next move

The pace of change is altering the workplace and creating exciting new careers. Here you can enhance your knowledge and skills or set course for a career opportunity in an emerging industry or field of work. Find what you want from a wide range of professional development courses, each developed in collaboration with ASU faculty.

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Enrich your life

ASU offers a personalized learning pathway for Universal Learners® to follow their passions and explore their purpose. Here, you can earn badges, certificates and more as you broaden your skill sets.

Job Industries

Job industries

While there are key principles that apply across all jobs, each industry has its own nuances. Learn about a variety of industries, from potential job roles to tips for success for each field.

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A 21st century library

Here, you can take a virtual trip to ASU Library and its amazing collection of online learning material for all, including books, articles, journals and audiovisual content.

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The NASA Psyche Mission Innovation Toolkit

Be part of a new generation of explorers as you learn what it takes to make space missions a reality. Open courses introduce you to skills that took the Psyche mission from conception to launch.

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Ask a Biologist

Whether it’s for school, at home or just for personal interest, Ask a Biologist will introduce you to fascinating topics about what makes the living world work the way it does, from microbes to mammals. Delve into articles, experiments, VR tours and tap the expertise of professional biologists to answer your questions.

Cultural Innovation Tools

Cultural innovation tools

Tools used by artists, designers and other creatives to adapt their process for these challenging times. Online resources — including exhibitions, performances, educational tools, stories from artists and more — will allow you to continue to create, collaborate and educate in the arts

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Ask an Anthropologist

Learners of any age can take advantage of a wealth of insights from our anthropology experts and the resources here will help teachers as well as parents teaching at home. From hands-on experiments to real-world studies, learners at all stages can discover more about the roots of human societies and culture.

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WWII: an in-depth study

If you are fascinated by World War II, the resources here give you the opportunity to discover new insights into the war and its legacies. Delivered in partnership with the WWII Museum, this resource enables you to pursue a master’s degree in WWII studies, or to engage in a behind-the-scenes look at extensive artifacts and documents and to engage with leading experts on a variety of WWII topics — no assignments or exams required.

SciStarter: Help scientists solve problems

SciStarter: Help scientists solve problems

Through citizen science projects, you can help scientists answer questions they cannot answer alone. Share observations, analyze data and play online games to advance important research from astronomy to zoology. Just join a project, track your contributions and earn a certificate for completing the online tutorial.

Sun Devils at Home

Sun Devils at Home

Stay up to date and active with Sun Devil Athletics, even while you’re staying home. This collection of videos and stories include messages and home workouts from athletes and trainers, family activities and Zoom backgrounds.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at ASU

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at ASU

Looking to beat the heat, have fun and rediscover your love for learning? Join a vibrant community of 50-plus adults with insatiable appetites for learning! From ASU faculty and other academic instructors to community experts, we offer a broad range of non-credit courses, university-quality courses during three semesters each year (fall, spring, summer) with in-person, online or hybrid offerings. Registration for the spring semester will open up on Dec. 18 and classes will begin on Jan. 16.