ASU for You is an approach to education that supports Universal Learners® with resources from a national research university recognizing that to meet the needs of a rapidly changing, technology-driven world, people will need to access education and learning platforms throughout their lives.

Whether you are a learner or an educator, this new offering — launched now at a time when the world faces unique challenges that demand innovation and adaptation — provides a flexible and growing set of digital educational assets. The program is designed for people of all ages and at all stages of their educational, career or lifelong learning journey — wherever in the world they may be.


ASU for You offers resources for you

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For quick access to tools and information curated specifically for teaching, explore the Teaching Playbook.

Sustainability Teachers’ Academy resources

Sustainability Teachers’ Academy resources

Teaching resources, Student programs, Home-school resources

These engaging activities introduce students to central themes in sustainability science. While designed for grades 6–9, activities can be easily modified for most students and align with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core science, language arts, mathematics and history/social studies where appropriate.


Health and Wellness class series

Parents, Educators, Students, Programs for 50+

Dive deep into the science and habits of a healthier lifestyle at your own pace. In partnership with Mayo Clinic, ASU reveals the latest in health and wellness. This five-class series teaches concepts on mindfulness, nutrition, exercise, sleep and well-being.

Child Study Lab (Online Curriculum)

Child Study Lab (Online Curriculum)

Home-school resources

Play a role in cultivating your child's curiosity to create, learn and grow with this virtual learning model. Established by the ASU Department of Psychology, Child Study Lab is an online preschool with curriculum designed to help children navigate life's complexities and learn emotional intelligence.

Civic education

Civic education

Programs for 50+, Teaching resources, Student programs

This rich library of resources is designed to help you be an informed and engaged citizen in American politics and democratic society. Multimedia programs feature nationally renowned speakers, historical texts and other tools to help you become versed in civil discourse and the pressing issues of our time.

Pathways for the Future

Pathways for the Future

Badge and certificate courses, Upskill and career change courses

Upskill to stay competitive in today's ever-changing workforce with programs tailored to you. Pathways awardees can get career support, financial aid and earn credit toward an undergraduate degree or certificate in one of three tracks: liberal arts and sciences, business or engineering.

Financial guidance

Financial guidance

Professionals, Parents, Students

If current events have you concerned about your financial future, this guide can help — free advice and tips for staying financially secure. Covering education, career, personal finance and other topics, these resources are design to help you make smart financial choices through uncertain times.


Earn credits for less

College credit programs

Take ASU classes for college credit online — no application or transcript required. Learn at your pace, on your time. These courses can count toward a variety of majors from engineering to business. All credits earned will apply to ASU and any accepting university.

Students talking at a panel

Make your next move

Upskill and career change courses

The pace of change is altering the workplace and creating exciting new careers. Here you can enhance your knowledge and skills or set course for a career opportunity in an emerging industry or field of work. Find what you want from a wide range of professional development courses, each developed in collaboration with ASU faculty.

Student's raising hands

Enrich your life

Badge and certificate courses

ASU offers a personalized learning pathway for Universal Learners® to follow their passions and explore their purpose. Here, you can earn badges, certificates and more as you broaden your skill sets.


Study Hall presented by Crash Course and ASU

Teaching resources, Student programs, Home-school resources

From the producers of the popular Crash Course, this new YouTube series dives into subjects like writing composition, algebra, chemistry and data literacy. Join us weekly to check out new episodes.

Arizona Virtual Teacher Institute

Arizona Virtual Teacher Institute

Teaching resources, Educators, Home-school resources, Parents

Helping Arizona teachers thrive in the new reality where online instruction is a part of every school plan. Access free training videos, online teaching resources and connect with fellow state educators for ideas and best practices.


ASU Prep Digital

Student programs, Teaching resources, Grade 7-12 resources, College credit programs, Home-school resources

Tutoring, online courses, training videos for teachers or parents teaching at home, programs for schools — it’s all here. Accelerate your progress with these remote digital learning tools and achieve your high school, college, career and life goals on your schedule.

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