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ASU for You is an approach to education that supports Universal Learners® with resources from a national research university recognizing that to meet the needs of a rapidly changing, technology-driven world, people will need to access education and learning platforms throughout their lives.

Whether you are a learner or an educator, this new offering — launched now at a time when the world faces unique challenges that demand innovation and adaptation — provides a flexible and growing set of digital educational assets. The program is designed for people of all ages and at all stages of their educational, career or lifelong learning journey — wherever in the world they may be.


ASU Prep Digital

 Educators, grades 7-12 learners 

Tutoring, online courses, training videos for teachers or parents teaching at home, programs for schools — it’s all here. Accelerate your progress with these remote digital learning tools and achieve your high school, college, career and life goals on your schedule.


Inspark Teaching Network

 Educators, learners of all ages 

Textbook replacements, labs, simulations and projects that promote active, personalized learning using exploration-based lessons. Inspark is a global network of educators creating and sharing next-generation courseware.


Curated educational resources

 Educators, home-schoolers, all learners 

ASU Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College offers teaching and learning expertise for digital formats. Find resources for educators, leaders, community members and families. These tools support a multitude of needs as we come together to respond to adversity and put the practical, social and emotional needs of humans at the center of our solutions.


College courses for high school partners

 High school administrators, educators 

Whether you are looking for college-level material, want to ensure college readiness for yourself or students or want to take advantage of affordable college credit opportunities with no risk to your GPA, these courses can help you on your journey.

College credits now

 All learners 

ASU provides you with a clear path into college, regardless of background or past academic performance. These resources help you navigate the pathway to college enrollment and admission by providing a series of online college courses for credit, and helping you make progress toward an undergraduate degree.

Receive a scholarship for Earned Admission to ASU

 All learners 

We make the pathway into ASU easier through the Earned Admission scholarship for future Sun Devils. This online resource allows you to earn the same academic credit as an ASU student, and begin college with credits already completed. You may also use this scholarship to start your Earned Admissions journey.


Enrich your life

 Badge, certificate seekers, all learners 

ASU offers a personalized learning pathway for Universal Learners® to follow their passions and explore their purpose. Here, you can earn badges, certificates and more as you broaden your skill sets.


Make your next move

 Upskill, career change, all learners 

The pace of change is altering the workplace and creating exciting new careers. Here you can enhance your knowledge and skills or set course for a career opportunity in an emerging industry or field of work. Find what you want from a wide range of professional development courses, each developed in collaboration with ASU faculty.


English Language Learning

 English language learners: teens to adults 

ASU's online English language and university preparation courses provide high-quality content that is innovative, fun and challenging. Developed by Global Launch, ASU's English language training unit, these six courses help learners improve their English language, advanced problem solving, critical thinking and academic writing skills



 Teachers, school principals and administrators, home-school families 

Infiniscope uses simulations and virtual field trips to help educators engage learners in a whole new way. If you work to deliver education, you can make connections here that help you build adaptive, exciting learning experiences for your students.


The NASA Psyche Mission Innovation Toolkit

 All learners 

Be part of a new generation of explorers as you learn what it takes to make space Missions a reality. Open courses introduce you to skills that took the Psyche mission from conception to launch.

bee researcher

Ask a Biologist

 Teachers, parents, students, all learners 

Whether it’s for school, at home or just for personal interest, Ask a Biologist will introduce you to fascinating topics about what makes the living world work the way it does, from microbes to mammals. Delve into articles, experiments, VR tours and tap the expertise of professional biologists to answer your questions.


Ask an Anthropologist

 Teachers, parents, students, all learners 

Learners of any age can take advantage of a wealth of insights from our anthropology experts and the resources here will help teachers as well as parents teaching at home. From hands-on experiments to real-world studies, learners at all stages can discover more about the roots of human societies and culture.


Virtual Field Trips: answers through exploration

 Teachers, home-school families, all learners 

Used in high school and college classrooms, these interactive and educational Virtual Field Trips feature topic-based, interactive experiences that capture real expeditions and scientists doing research. Many of these experiences also respond to your real-time feedback.


WWII: an in-depth study

 Teachers, all learners 

If you are fascinated by World War II, the resources here give you the opportunity to discover new insights into the war and its legacies. Delivered in partnership with the WWII Museum, this resource enables you to pursue a master’s degree in WWII studies, or to engage in a behind-the-scenes look at extensive artifacts and documents and to engage with leading experts on a variety of WWII topics — no assignments or exams required.

A 21st century library

 Teachers, home-school families, all learners 

Here, you can take a virtual trip to ASU Library and its amazing collection of online learning material for all, including books, articles, journals and audiovisual content.


Miacademy Learning Channel

 K-8 learners 

Miacademy offers hundreds of original lesson videos across every K-8 content area, including language arts, math, science and history and extending into art, music and foreign language learning.

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